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Let Go & Embrace Healing

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I embrace healing and renewal when I let go of past hurt.

Each morning when the sun rises, I have an opportunity to rebuild myself. I open myself up to healing as a new day dawns. Meaningful renewal occurs when I let go of past hurt and focus on improving each day.

I make a conscious decision to just let go of things that hurt me.

When someone says something unkind about me, I face it head on. Confronting the pain encourages me to assess its validity. I stay away from believing any person's perspective of me that is inconsistent with how I feel about myself.

Even though some situations damage me, I am confident in my ability to heal. I meditate on my positive traits to reaffirm my love for myself.

That reaffirmation is the first step in renewing my mind, soul, and heart. Each time I experience renewal, I become stronger and more resilient. There are very few things that have the ability to keep me down.

Forgiveness is the second step towards achieving renewal. When I allow myself to pardon someone, I feel a sense of lightness. The emotional burden is lifted and I am able to refocus on me.

Today, I love the person I become when I embrace daily renewal. The challenges in life only serve to build my character and commitment to growth. I am committed to defeating the things that try to harm my spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some of the offenses that are more difficult for me to let go of?

2. What strategies can I use to help me put negative experiences behind me?

3. What practices can I implement to achieve spiritual and emotional renewal?

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